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Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment

The promise of New Mexico’s CTE is one of economic success, opportunity, and personal fulfillment.
New Mexico strives to provide high quality CTE that is supported by three tenets: Equity, Relevance, and Excellence.

NM CTE Needs Assessment

A significant change in Perkins V (the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act) is the new requirement to conduct a comprehensive local needs assessment that is updated at least every two years. New Mexico will leverage this opportunity to build educational and workforce integrated systems, and reinforce High Quality Career & Technical Education (CTE) so that students are prepared by a cohesive network for lifelong career success. The needs assessment is the foundation for the development, improvement, approval, and funding of NM CTE programs.

Attached is a spreadsheet that shows alignment between consortia leads, regions, and higher ed partnerships.
The Perkins Application is a summary of the online Perkins Application that each region will be submitting after the CLNA meetings and priorities are decided.
Marc Duske, Special Projects Manager from PED, has recorded a technical support webinar around the new Perkins application, Grant Management Site (GMS). The link below will allow you to get a sense of how the application process will work. Any questions please let us know.

Using the Grant Management Site for Post and Secondary Users

This list of New Mexico Career Awareness Websites and Resources gives you access to the most useful Career Resources, Guides, Labor Market Tools, and more!

Local and Regional CTE Needs Assessment
A regional approach to the needs assessment can increase systems alignment and build stronger programs of study and career pathways for students. Consortia Leads will take an active role for the region and compile information from every participating member of the consortia.

Complete the online templates using the NM CTE Needs Assessment Guidebook to prepare for the 2020 NM CTE regional meetings. These templates will help you identify potential local and regional partners and focus the regional discussion, analysis of data, and other evidence collected for each of the required CTE elements.

Final Report
Read the final report from the New Mexico comprehensive local needs assessment. This is the final product of the assessment and contains key findings and recommendations.

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